Book: The Basics of English Grammar


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Grammar bc3



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Topics covered in the book include:


Parts of speech, their function and use and how to identify them


(nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections, determiners)



Types of verbs
Verb aspect
Verb tense- simple, past, continuous, perfect continuous
Verb characteristics (mood, person, voice)


Sentence components

Subject, predicate, direct and indirect objects, compliments



Noun phrase
Prepositional phrase
Phrasal verbs (or verb phrases)
Verbal phrases
Participial phrase, Infinitive phrase, Gerund phrase



Independent and dependent



Coordination and subordination


Conditional Sentences


Reported Speech




A list of irregular verbs


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The author of The Basics of English Grammar has 20 plus years working as an English teacher in Korea

and Thailand. The author used the expressions found in the book to successfully improve the

language abilities of hundreds of students in middle school, high school, university and

professional people during that time.





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Grammar bc3














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