Book: The Basics of English Grammar

An comprehensive review and explanation


English grammar explained in easy


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The Basics of English


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Easy to understand explanations of grammatical terms and concepts including:

Parts of speech (their function and use and how to identify them)

Nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections, determiners


Types of verbs

Verb aspect and tense

simple tense, past tense, continuous tense, perfect continuous tense

Verb characteristics (mood, person, voice)


Sentence components

Subject, predicate, direct and indirect objects,



Noun phrase

Prepositional phrase

Phrasal verbs (or verb phrases)

Verbal phrases

Participial phrase, Infinitive phrase, Gerund phrase


Independent and dependent


Coordination and subordination

Conditional Sentences

Reported Speech


A list of irregular verbs

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The Basics of English Grammar




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The Basic of English Grammar was written by a teacher with over 20 years teaching experience, a master’s degree in Education and is TESOL certified.