Book: Sentence and Paragraph Writing

A book focusing on sentence and paragraph writing


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Sentence and Paragraph Writing


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Learn what is needed to write well written sentences and paragraphs
A well written sentence requires more than just putting words on paper. A well written sentence must have:

  • correct word order
  • correct sentence structure
  • correct use of articles
  • correct verb use
  • correct subject- verb agreement
  • correct spelling
    correct punctuation
  • correct capitalization

A well written paragraph involves more than just stringing a bunch of sentences together.

A well written paragraph needs to have a topic sentence, supporting sentences and a concluding sentence.


  • Learn what a topic sentence is and its purpose and how to write a good one.
  • Learn how to organize supporting sentences to make your wring flow easily and logically.
  • Learn the function of a concluding sentence and end your paragraph with the reader satisfied and wanting more.
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Sentence and Paragraph Writing





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Sentence and Paragraph Writing was written by a teacher with over 20 years teaching experience, a master’s degree in Education and is TESOL certified.