Book: Conversation Made Easy

A book for those who know a little English

but want to improve their skills without a



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Conversation Made Easy


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Topics covered in the book include:

                      • Greetings and introductions                       Invitations
                      • Giving directions and instructions              Talking about like/dislikes
                      • Making comparisons time                          Talking about daily schedules
                      • Expressing obligations                               Lending and borrowing
                      • Onions help and advice                              and MORE


Also included is language and expressions used in:

                      •  hotels             stores      airports
                      • restaurants      doctor      offices
                      • pharmacies      banks       and MORE


Each section contains commonly used expressions covering specific topics and

practice exercises that will get you speaking in no time.


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Conversation Made Easy




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Conversation Made Easy was written by a teacher with over 20 years teaching

experience, a master’s degree in Education and is TESOL certified.