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The book allows you to easily learn and memorize basic expressions and phrases to expand your conversational ability quickly and efficiently.

By substituting a few words in basic expressions or phrases you can rapidly learn to converse and be understood in hundreds of different situations covering unlimited topics.

Each section has role play situations and discussion topics that provide practice activities that will further enhance your communication skills.


For both beginning and intermediate learners

The book contains simple language that can be used by beginning learners AND more complicated and difficult language suitable for intermediate learners.


Topics and situations covered in the book include:

* Greeting and Introductions

* Asking for and Giving Directions and Instructions

* Extending and accepting/rejecting Invitations

* Talking about Likes/Dislikes and Schedules and Routines

* Asking for and giving Help and Advice

* Expressing Obligation and Asking for and giving Opinions

* Lending and Borrowing

* Making Comparisons and Time

* Language and vocabulary used in

- Hotels and Stores

- Restaurants and Airports

- Doctor’s Offices and Pharmacies

- Banks

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The author of Conversation Made Easy has 20 plus years working as an English teacher in Korea and Thailand. The author used the expressions found in the book to successfully improve the language abilities of hundreds of students in middle school, high school, university and professional people during that time.