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New- Hotel EnglishEnglish for Hotel Staff(regular price 14.99)

A book for those working in the hotel industry who have some English speaking ability but wish to improve their skills.

The book contains common expressions and vocabulary that hotel staff is likely to encounter on a daily basis when interacting with guests. Topics covered include greetings, handling complaints, dealing with guest requests, giving directions and much more.

Also includes a FREE workbook with fill in the blank and matching exercises to test


Business English BCConquering Business English (Regular Price $15.99)

Learn the basics for teaching this specialized topic. The book focuses on business vocabulary and situations students are likely to encounter- from how to leave the ideal voice mail to how to how to interrupt politely in a meeting.


Grammar bc3The Basics of English Grammar (regular price 12.99)

A basic and easy to read handbook of the most common grammar topics covered in beginning and intermediate English classes. Topics covered include parts of speech (nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, interjections, verbs, determiners and prepositions), phrases, clauses, sentences, reported speech, conditionals, and punctuation.

prepbcUsing Prepositions Correctly (regular price- 9.99)

This illustrated booklet provides easy to understand explanations of almost all the prepositions of time, place, and movement. Each preposition includes an explanation of its meaning and its use in a sentence.

Also includes a 40 page student workbook with multiple choice questions to test your knowledge of prepositions in context.



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